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Parents In Prayer / Bible Study

Moms in Prayer

Moms in prayer is a life-giving, encouraging time for Moms to gather and pray for our students and families, teachers, staff and school events. We spend a few minutes sharing with one another and then we pray. We would love for you to come, you are welcome to join us any time.

We meet twice a month at 8:15am-9:00am, Mondays in Amy Hargrove’s office, in building B. 

Please let Juliet know if you would like to receive the email reminders and the weekly prayer requests and praise reports              

Upcoming dates for the 2019-2020 school year are to be announced soon. If you have any questions or would like to connect prior to coming, please contact Juliet Geil at

Dads in Prayer

Meets every Wednesday at 7:30am, in Don Barnhart’s office, in building B. For more information please contact Don at

Ladies Bible Study

Calling all Ladies at RCS!! Join us for Bible Study this fall!! Thursday Mornings at 8:00am beginning August 22nd, 2019 - Join us and bring a friend!

Declaring God to the Next Generation: - Finding and Telling the Stories of the Bible

"O God, from my youth you have taught me, and I still proclaim your wondrous deeds. So even to old age and gray hairs, O God, do not forsake me, until I proclaim your might to another generation, your power to all those to come." Psa. 71:17-18

Thankfully, Bible chronology can be taught, it can be learned, and it can be tremendous fun! We will learn strategies for recalling famous Bible heroes and villains, we will practice putting great events of the Bible in order, and we will locate these people and events in Scripture. We will even discover which Old Testament prophets prophesied to what kingdoms. Most importantly, we will locate the wondrous deeds of God and Christ within the Sacred Text so that we can proclaim their greatness to our children and grandchildren. 

For more info, please contact