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Lunch Programs



Our youngest students bring their lunch Monday-Thursday. Preschoolers may opt to purchase a hot lunch on “Fun Fridays” provided their orders have been submitted in advance. Parents are welcome to join us for lunch if they desire to do so. Lunch is eaten either in the classroom or on special days, on the deck leading to the preschool playground. 

Lunch-Lower School and Upper School 

Students in K-12 have two options for lunch. Sack lunches may be brought from home or hot lunches may be pre-ordered at least one month in advance. Lunch orders are placed online through RenWeb no later than the 15th of the prior month with lunch charges posted directly to the family’s account. 

K-12 hot lunches are catered by Master’s Kitchen. Students desiring to purchase only a beverage, may do so for 50 cents, payable each day. Milk, water and juice will be available for purchase each day. In the event a student forgets his/her lunch, an alternative lunch which will be provided at a charge, posted to the family’s account. Lunch costs for same day purchases will include a posting fee of $1 per meal.

Miscellaneous Lunch Information: 

  •  • Students are not to consume energy drinks (i.e. Monster or Red Bull) on the premises due to the health risks associated with them. 
  • •  Students are not to share food or drink, as this is how illnesses are easily spread. 
  • Microwaves are available for student use (4th-12th grades); however cooking times should not exceed 3 minutes. 
  • •  The Principal will provide lunch schedules prior to the beginning of school (K-12). 
  • Lunches brought from home need to be user-friendly for all Lower School students. • • • Younger students (PK-3) need to be able to open lunch items that are pre-cut, non-microwavable, and ready to eat. Teachers on lunch duty cannot attend to unprepared items such as un-peeled oranges, heating up leftovers, etc. as they are in a supervisory role during this time. 
  • Lunch will be served in the school lunchroom. On occasion, this facility will be used for special events. When these events occur, no hot lunch will be offered (advance notification provided) or hot lunch will be served from Building G. 
  • Students are expected to clean up once they have finished their lunch. Please keep in mind that most lunch breaks are 20-30 minutes in length, with multiple classes eating at the same time. 
  • Please do not send carbonated beverages with your child’s lunch. 
  • IMPORTANT: Due to our costs of purchasing bulk foods, unclaimed/uneaten lunches will not be refunded once orders have been closed for a given month. This includes scheduling conflicts that were communicated after the closing date (i.e., field trips or student absences). 

Lunch From Outside – Forgotten Lunches 

• Parents are ALWAYS welcome to have lunch with their children. However, because we do not have the manpower to take lunches to students each day and to avoid classroom interruptions, we will not distribute take-out lunches or forgotten lunches to students on an individual basis. Instead, a table will be set-aside where all outside/forgotten lunches will be placed. Please label any lunch bags with the name of the student. 

• If a student does not have a lunch, teachers will first check the table and then will send the student for a hot lunch. 

• We discourage parents from picking up take-out food to bring to students unless you are having lunch with them. If you do purchase food for your child, do not purchase “some” for the whole class. This becomes disruptive and some parents expect children to eat the healthy meal they have sent. 


Grade Level Lunch Times for 2019-20

  • Kindergarten & 2nd Grade     10:33-11:05
  • 3rd - 5th grades     11:03-11:33
  • 9th - 12th grades
    • M,W,TH,F     11:33-12:03
    • Tuesday     12:00-12:30
  • 6th - 8th grade
    • M,W,TH,F     12:26-12:56
    • Tuesday     12:45-1:15


RCS has adopted the following policies and procedures as they relate to food allergies:

• Parents of any enrolled student with a severe food allergy will be required to meet with the nurse and a member of Administration, to discuss what the school can do to accommodate the student and what expectations or requirements the school has for the parents. Parents are required to sign a form to indicate that they understand the risks and they acknowledge that the school has not assumed a duty to protect the student from all exposure to the particular food allergen. 

• The term “peanut-free zone,” “wheat-free classroom,” etc., may not be used on campus (either verbally or in written format). The use of similar terminology conveys the perception that the school is guaranteeing or warranting an unrealistic level of safety in the environment. RCS cannot serve as an insurer against all exposure to peanuts or other food allergens. 

• Parents will be required to provide documentation from a medical professional regarding the specific allergen that affects their child. With this documentation, the school can request information on the symptoms and the recommended procedures to address the symptoms. (For example, the school should know the signs that occur when the student is having a severe allergic reaction. The documentation provided by the medical professional should direct a layperson as to how to assist the student when a severe reaction is observed.) RCS will specifically address the accommodations that will / will not be made. 

• All policies that address an anaphylactic reaction will require parents to provide the antidote, including EpiPens (several for each student). Depending upon the age of the student and the circumstances presented, and to the extent possible, the school may consider requiring the student to self-administer the EpiPen. There will be several designated individuals trained to administer an EpiPen if needed. This list will be communicated by Administration. 

• All EpiPens must be clearly labeled with the student’s name, which will be kept in several locations (i.e., clinic, administrative assistant’s office, athletic office, lunch room). 

• A note may be sent home to members of the student’s class requesting (we cannot require) assistance in minimizing the allergen’s presence in the classroom. This letter must be written by the student or parent and must be approved by Administration prior to going home. This letter may not go to any other class other than the homeroom class. 

• Teachers should attempt to eliminate the specific allergen from school-supplied activities / snacks. However, the school does not guarantee a completely safe environment. Parents are assuming some risk by enrolling their child. 

• An area of the lunchroom may be made available where peanuts and other specific food allergens are not permitted. This table may NOT be labeled as an allergy free table as there are numerous food allergens and there can be no guarantee that the table / surrounding area will be free of a specific food allergen. Lunchroom supervisors are to ensure that the students disinfect the table(s) before and after eating at this table.