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Rosehill Christian School has an exciting and comprehensive Competitive Speech program.  Speech, a gift from God since the garden, is not only a fine art, but an important life skill. Through speech we can accomplish tasks, enhance our education and careers, share the love of Christ, build relationships with God and others, and much more.

RCS offers speech programs for grades 1-6 (ACSI), 7-8 (ACSI), and 9-12 (TAPPS).     Students in grades 1-8 choose from a range of selections and categories (i.e., Prose, Poetry, Monologues, Bible Memorization) and present at both on-campus and regional meets. The RCS high school Speech team is combined with the Academics and Debate teams. Together, these they compete in 19 categories for both individual and team state titles.


2019 TAPPS Honors & Recognitions--Highlights

  • TAPPS Academics, Speech, Debate Overall State Runner-up
  • TAPPS Speech State Runner-up
  • TAPPS All-Around Best State Speech Competitor
  • TAPPS All-Around Best State Academic Competitor
  • TAPPS Solo Acting State Champion
  • TAPPS Mathematics State Champion
  • TAPPS Advanced Mathematics State Champion
  • TAPPS Physics State Champion
  • TAPPS Solo Acting State Runner-up
  • TAPPS Prose Interpretation State Runner-up
  • TAPPS Duet Acting State Runner-up
  • TAPPS Poetry Interpretation State Runner-up
  • TAPPS Current Events State Runner-up