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What is 4-H?

4-H is a community of young people across America who are learning leadership, citizenship, and life skills. 4-H is about having fun, learning, exploring, and discovering. In 4-H, young people make new friends, develop new skills, become leaders, and help shape their communities.

Rosehill 4-H Club is open to all RCS students in grades K-12th.

Director: Laura Blase


Rosehill 4-H: Growing Kids Gods Way



You may not know that RCS has a thriving and active 4H program, but we are 71 members strong which makes us the largest extracurricular activity on campus here. The Rosehill 4-H club has also been recognized with the Waller County Texas A&M Agrilife Extension as the largest club in all of the Waller County area. This is a huge accomplishment that has been set in motion several years ago by a past teacher by the name of Missy Owles.  This year we have a new club manager, Laura Blase, who has helped by volunteering as the Horse Judging Team Leader and in several other capacities.

We have several different program areas for your children to become involved in here at RCS.  We have a thriving Fashion & Textiles Club (Art), a Performing Arts Club (drama), Archery Practice out at The Oil Ranch by a certified instructor, Horse Judging Team, and a Food Challenge Team.  We are also adding a Clover Kids program to our schedule next year.  

Livestock Program

Our program offers support in the production of livestock for the showing of beef cattle, dairy cattle, swine, goat, lamb, poultry, and rabbits at the county, state and national level. Through supervised agricultural experiences, we provide the necessary fundamentals that explore the areas of animal husbandry, livestock selection, and the health and care of livestock. 

Our program is involved with the Waller County Fair Association. 

Shooting Sports Program

Our program is an extension of the Waller County Shooting Sports Program and is committed to giving our members a comprehensive introduction to shooting safety and the fundamentals of archery, rifle and shotgun.  The program includes a monthly practice with a 4-H certified shooting sports instructor. The program also offers a wide array of shooting games at county, state and national competitions. 

Food and Nutrition Program

In The Food and Nutrition Program, members learn to make healthy food choices, improve energy and alertness, reduce disease and gain knowledge of nutrients. Learning experiences include a monthly cooking club for those members who desire to be on a competitive Food Challenge team or the individual Food Show. 

Fashion and Textiles

The Clothing and Textiles Program offers members an opportunity to express themselves through creative outlets such as our Art Club.  This program is designed to teach members a variety of artistic techniques through painting, sculpting, design, and clay. Members may enter their artwork in the Waller County Fairgrounds Creative Living division and compete in the auction division as well.

Equestrian Program

In the Equestrian Program, we offer members opportunities to learn more about horses through hands-on experiences in competitions such as horse judging. There will also be a variety of workshops where members will be up close and personal in learning about the care and health of horses.

Performing Arts Program

In the visual arts learning program, students have the opportunity to study and prepare for monologues, speech competitions, set design, make-up and costume design, and stage performances.  

Community Service

Members also give back to their communities. Members get involved in volunteer projects to protect the environment, mentor younger children, and help people who are less fortunate.  Our members are offered four different opportunIties through our club to serve others.

Leadership Opportunities

Our program offers an array for leadership opportunities. All members are eligible to run for 4-H Office. Officers are elected annually and hold a number of responsibilities related to the programs that are offered.  Another option for leadership is for our members to recruit potential new members and invite them to our club activities.

After-School Program

The Rosehill Christian School 4-H Program meets monthly to explore the various project opportunities within the club, community, and county. Students participate in team building activities, community service projects, and leadership activities. Rosehill 4-H Club supports its members by offering after school programs that support their project area. Monthly newsletters support various project opportunities within the community and the county.

Waller County Extension 

Rosehill 4-H Club is a part of the Waller County Extension Program. The county offers the members of our club opportunities in district and state competitions,* fair exhibits, fundraising efforts, scholarship opportunities, record keeping, and project exploration.

Waller County Fair Association

The Rosehill 4-H Club partners with the Waller County Fair Association to provide education and scholarship opportunities for the youth of Waller County through livestock and creative living exhibits.