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Our drama program begins in middle school and is a semester-long elective class.  The students learn theatre terminology and the parts of the stage. Through the use of prose, poetry, and monologues, students work on enunciation, acting methods, and projection.  Puppet shows allow students to present skits to younger students, using acting skills and vocal projection, while overcoming stage fright, since they don’t have to see their audience.  Students also work on a short play to present to elementary students at the end of the semester.

In our High School Drama classes, we work through various aspects of drama history and the development of theatre beginning with Greek theatre. We study theatre terminology and review the parts of the stage, enunciation and projection, and theatre basics. We also work on various acting techniques, looking at Stanislawski, Meisner, and Lee Strasberg’s Method.  We work on monologues and duets in order to investigate these different acting techniques. In the spring, drama classes will work to present a play or small musical.  


One Act Play

Each year, RCS competes in the TAPPS One Act Play Contest, and for the past 4 years, we have run the District contest.   In 2013, RCS won the state championship, and we have competed at the state level every year since then.

This year, at the TAPPS Division III-District 4 One Act Play Contest RCS performed "At the Bottom of Lake Missoula" by Ed Monk.  


DISTRICT COMPETITION:    RCS Overall - 2nd place 

Best Actor:  Jacob Filip

All Star Cast:  Allison Strange

Honorable Mention All Star Cast:  Chloe Geil, Emma Delahoussaye

All Star Crew:  Lauren Chesshir


STATE COMPETITION:    RCS Overall - 3rd place

Allison Strange:  All-Star Cast

Jacob Filip:  All-Star Cast

Samantha Strange:  All-Star Crew


Thanks to all of the supportive administrators, teachers, students, and parents that made this possible.  We began with a group of individuals, with varying degrees of experience, different grade levels, and different social circles.  We now have a team of kids that are more like family, with mutual respect and admiration all around.  

And we have seen such growth in their acting and technical capabilities!  For about six members of the team, this was their first show ever! And yet, in a very competitive district, this team took second place.  They also were respectful of other teams, and even went back and mopped dressing rooms after the contest. This is a fabulous group of students, and we are so proud of them!