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Our Preschool Programs

At Rosehill Christian School, we believe our role is to partner with and assist parents in fulfilling their God-given responsibility to bring their children up in the “training and instruction of the Lord”  (Ephesians 6:4). Our teachers are selected for their ability to relate to your child in a warm and supportive manner, while they work to accommodate the various levels of spiritual and academic progress. Each teacher is a born-again Christian and delights in sharing the love of Christ with their children.  Your child’s sense of self-worth is enhanced as he learns that God has designed him as a fantastic, one-of-a-kind human being! We learn together how to respect and enjoy each other’s differences and to play with a spirit of sharing.  

Our youngest students are introduced to phonics and reading through developmentally appropriate instruction.  Daily activities include cutting and pasting, counting numbers and reciting the alphabet. We also spend time each day reading Bible stories together during circle time, in addition to learning a new Bible verse each week.  Singing and playing are, of course, very important to us as we share the joy of each new day. 

As our preschoolers progress, they learn penmanship, color and shape recognition, sound blends and begin to read one-vowel words.  Teachers intentionally apply a multi-sensory approach to learning, in an effort to reach each and every child in the way that he/she learns best.  

Requirements for Preschool 

  • Children desiring to enter Mother’s Day Out (MDO) must be two years of age by September 1st. 
  • Students desiring to enter PreK-3 must be three years of age by September 1st. 
  • Students desiring to enter PreK-4 must be four years of age by September 1st.
  • All preschool students must have a current immunization record on file.  
  • Each preschool student must have the Authorization to Participate form signed by their pediatrician.  Participation forms have to be completed each school year.  
  • After March 30, families are financially responsible for the full year’s tuition, regardless of attendance.  RCS offers an optional Tuition Insurance Plan, should a family desire to purchase this protection.  
  • Preschool students are expected to be potty trained.  It is NOT required for MDO.  

Tuition & Fee Schedule

  • Application Fee: $250
  • New Student Enrollment Fee: $275
  • Returning Student Fee: $325
  • 2 Days per week          $5,225
  • 3 Days per week          $6,225
  • 5 Days per week          $7,225

New Student Application Fee:     $250

New Student Enrollment Fee:     $275 (PreK)

New Student Enrollment Fee:     $400 (Bridge)

Returning Student Fee:     $325(PreK)

Returning Student Fee:     $450(Bridge)

  • 2 Days per week          $5,665
  • 3 Days per week          $7,050
  • 5 Days per week          $8,550
  • Bridge Class                 $10,150

Payment Information: 

All tuition and incidental charges are processed through the third-party organization, FACTS.  

During the enrollment period, each family will set up their preferences relative to the methods and timing of payment. 

Tuition Insurance: 

RCS provides optional tuition insurance through Hanover Insurance Group.  If selected this insurance helps protect the investment you are making in your child’s education.  Your enrollment contract with the school financially obligates you to pay the loss, tuition insurance will pay the remaining portion of tuition up to the coinsurance percentage listed on the policy.  Please contact Kendra Bisslel ( for additional information.