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1. In what way does the school combine Christianity and Learning? 

Rosehill Christian School integrates God’s Word through every subject. RCS hires teachers that are not only highly qualified as instructors but also are committed to the Lord. This atmosphere is complemented through a variety of methods, including weekly chapel services and Bible classes, regular prayer time, teacher-led devotionals, leadership challenges, and service hours in the community. 

2. Is there a denominational emphasis in the school? 

RCS is an inter-denominational school. Scripture is taught as the infallible and inerrant Word of God. Denominational and controversial differences that detract from Jesus Christ and His finished work on the cross are referred back to the student’s parents and Pastor to address. However, our statement of faith defines what is emphasized and taught to students at RCS. A “Statement of Faith” must be signed as a requirement for admission.

3. What are the qualifications of your faculty? 

While many of our teachers hold a Master’s degree and have years of experience, our minimum qualifications are that Elementary teachers hold a Bachelor’s Degree with Teaching Certification and all Middle and High School teachers hold a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree with an emphasis in the subject that they teach. 

4. What is the teacher-student ratio? 

Class size is determined upon the available classroom space for instruction as well as the level of the students.  From year to year, this may change depending on the size of the assigned classrooms and square footage. Maximum class size ratios per teacher are; Preschool 12 or 14 to 1 depending on age, Kindergarten 16 to 1 ratio, Elementary is either 16 to 1 for smaller classrooms or 18 to 1 for the larger classrooms, and MS and HS are 20 to 1 ratio maximum unless it is a dual-credit course which sometimes exceeds this total.  Usually, most class sizes are smaller than the maximum ratio as it is our intention to keep class sizes small for greater teacher/student interaction and relationships.

5. What percentage of last years‘ students returned each year? 

In PreK-12th grade RCS experiences above a 90% retention rate each year.  

6. What rules will my child be expected to follow? 

Rules for students will vary depending on the grade level of the student. The best way to review rules, policies, and/or guidelines is to see a copy of our Parent/Student Handbook which you can find on our website or by clicking here. 

7. How do you challenge students academically? 

RCS offers a rigorous college-preparatory education designed to meet the needs of the average to above average student. Beginning in elementary with Guided Reading and specialized math groups, student’s individual needs are assessed and the curriculum is adapted to provide a challenge. Continuing through junior high and high school, honors, AP and dual-credit classes are taught on campus, with both challenging content and personalized attention in order to maximize individual student achievement. 

8. Are there any honors and/or advanced placement courses offered? 

Yes, we offer AP and dual credit courses.   This gives an RCS graduate the opportunity to enter college well into their sophomore year. Students entering 8th - 10th grade may also be qualified to take honors classes and receive honors credit. 

9. What are some of the extra-curricular activities? 

RCS offers fine arts including choir, music, and visual arts, athletics, yearbook, technology courses, Life Skills, and foreign languages.            

10. What about your athletic program?

Rosehill offers an athletic program that is first class in every way, with facilities second to none. The coaching staff is highly qualified, they strive for excellence not only on the athletic field but also in the classroom.  Most importantly our coaches are strong Christian leaders for our students.  

11. What textbooks would my child be using? 

Rosehill Christian School utilizes a comprehensive college preparatory curriculum incorporating the best of Christian and secular materials, in accordance with current educational research and standards. This includes curriculum materials developed by leading educational institutions including Houghton Mifflin, Holt, McDougal-Littel, Scott Foresman and Bob Jones University to list just a few. 

12. Is the school is a member of a national association or  accredited? 

Yes, RCS is accredited through AdvancED (formally known as SACS-CASI), and ICAA (International Christian Accrediting Association). We are also members of HAIS, ACSI, and TAPPS. Our students usually compete through these latter organizations in academics, athletics and fine arts. 

13. How much involvement are the parents expected to have in the life of the school? 

RCS is blessed to have many parents involved in the life of our school.  There are regular volunteer opportunities within the elementary school as well as parent organizations throughout the school.  The most prominent parent organizations are PTO, RCS Athletic Booster Club, and Mom's and Dad’s in Prayer.