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Technology for 2019-2020

Director of Technology: Mike Lynch
Instructional Technology:  Nicole Friedel

Grades 6-8

Each student in grades 6 - 8 must purchase and use a Chromebook computer. 

Any Chromebook will work and can be purchased from various sources such as Best Buy, Office Max, Staples, online from Dell or from  A durable Chromebook is recommended.

Chromebooks range in price from $150 to $400.  

A dark color or a metal shell works best. 

A service policy is highly recommended, but not required.

Students begin using Apple Macs in grades 9-12.

NOTE:  Breakage is the responsibility of the parent to have repaired.  The RCS Tech Department may be supportive in diagnosing and repairing minor issue.

Grades 9-12

Students are expected to purchase an Apple Mac laptop or they may continue to use their Chromebook.  However, students would need to purchase an Apple Mac laptop for any advanced technology courses.

Any Mac laptop is appropriate from the Macbook Pro to the MacAir.  However, a laptop over 4 years old will probably not work.

The Apple Care policy is recommended, but not required.

NOTE:  Breakage is the responsibility of the parent to have repaired.  The RCS Tech Department may be supportive in diagnosing and repairing minor issue.

Introduction to Chromebook Training

Elementary Technology Login

The purpose of the RCS Technology Initiative is to provide up-to-date technological capabilities to equip RCS students, beginning in the elementary grades, to move seamlessly into a technology environment that increasingly requires superb technical proficiency.

Middle School & High School Teachers: Adapting & Learning Technology

All upper school teachers have spent many hours in staff development learning how the different application tools such as Google Classroom and Google Suite could help them work with students and staff. They continue to attend staff development sessions and request additional help as they become more familiar with each aspect of the applications. 

Our infrastructure is composed of an Aruba Wireless system that provides a wireless cloud across the RCS campus.  Students are required to authenticate to the RCS network where we have web filtering and monitoring.

Google Applications

As we move into the brave new world of online instruction, RCS has embraced the free tools provided by Google. All 6th-12th grade students have been provided accounts that give them an email address, a Google calendar account and a Google G-Suite documents account. Students are trained to use these tools to research, collaborate and communicate with other students and teachers as they work on projects and assignments.  

Students may access their Google applications with the same username and password assigned by the Technology Department.

Student Privacy Online

Students must always assume that when working online, anything they post or write is not private. RCS administrators have the ability to view posts made to Google applications. We make every attempt to respect individual privacy and do not spend time looking unless there is something that has been called into question. We have read too many stories of people who posted something to web sites and social media that later prevented them from gaining admission to a college or a job because of the nature of what they posted. We will continually teach and remind students that anything put online could be accessible by others. 

Students are responsible for abiding by the RCS Acceptable Use Policy. This document is located in the RCS Student / Parent Handbook.