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Engaging the Academically Advanced



Honors courses are available for 9-12th graders who meet at least two of the following criteria:

  • Students must earn a grade of 85 or better in the previous Honors class in the same subject area or a grade of 90 or better in the previous Academic class in the same subject.
  • Students must score in the 85th percentile or better on the Stanford Achievement Test (or equivalent) in the subject matter or they may score above the 50th percentile on the PSAT.
  • Student must have a Teacher Recommendation
  • In some courses, additional placement testing may be required


AP course varies from year to year and currently include the following:

  • Calculus AP
  • Chemistry II AP
  • Economics
  • English III
  • Physics II AP
  • Spanish IV / V AP

Additional courses will be added as needed. The requirement to enroll in an AP course is the same as the honors class requirements detailed above.  All students enrolled in an AP course must take the AP exam. The cost is paid for by the school.


Rosehill Christian School is pleased to offer dual credit courses in conjunction with Lonestar College and Colorado Christian University. A dual credit course is one in which students receive high school credit from RCS, as well as college credit awarded by Lonestar College or Colorado Christian University. Each year we evaluate the specific courses to offer.

To qualify with the college to take these courses, Junior and Senior students must have taken and passed the COMPASS test. They must also receive written permission from the RCS Principal.

The following dual credit courses are offered on a regular basis:

  • English 1301, 1302 (Composition and Rhetoric)
  • English 2322, 2323 (British Literature)
  • Biology 1406, 1407 (College Biology and Lab)
  • Government 2305 (American Government)
  • History 1301, 1302 (US History)
  • Math 1314 (College Algebra)
  • Math 1316 (Trigonometry)
  • World History 2321, 2322

The following courses are offered based upon student demand

  • Math 1342 (Statistics)
  • Math 1324 (Finite Math)
  • English 1311 (Technical Writing)
  • Economics 2301 (Macroeconomics)
  • Economics 2302 (Microeconomics)
  • Biology 1322 (Nutrition)

Students must maintain an 80 average each semester to continue in the course.