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The 3 words listed above provide the focus for an outstanding academic preparation for our students.


Rigor is the tone of the expectations that we have for our students as we prepare them for college. It is not making things hard. It is challenging for students to think and to be able to articulate their ideas after having thought about the full impact of their response. 


Relevance relates to preparing students not only for the academic world that they will enter college but it also relates to preparing them for life in Christ that His disciples are called to.


Relationships have to do with the student and teacher, students to other students, students to parents and students to the world around them. The command of Jesus to love God and to love others is important to the development of our High School students.

This focus is manifested in the curriculum requirements for RCS students. RCS operates on an 8-period schedule for the high school, which provides greater flexibility in scheduling and provides a wide variety of course offerings for students. 

Rosehill Christian School students graduate with the Distinguished Level of Achievement Diploma plus at least one Endorsement.  This requires students to earn a minimum of 4 Math, 4 English, 4 Social Studies and 4 Science courses while in high school. RCS offers over 40 hours of on-campus dual credit college courses along with Advanced Placement (AP) courses.  The following are required for graduation:

A minimum of 30 credits from the required list plus electives including four years of Bible 

A minimum of 100 hours of Community Service

The requirements for each are listed on the "Graduation Plan" page. Please take this opportunity to look and compare the excellence in Christ-centered education that Rosehill Christian School has to offer.