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Engaging the Academically Advanced

At Rosehill Christian School, our goal is to prepare students to be all that God has designed them to be. Our focus is on "Engaging the Academically Advanced" by equipping them to be the thinkers and leaders of tomorrow. Our teachers are all qualified, with outstanding credentials, to teach a rigorous curriculum. The word engaging, also means that our teachers spend time in developing relationships with students in a warm and responsive environment.

The Elementary School of RCS (grades K – 5) serves as an invaluable foundation for future success in learning. These younger students are guided by Christ-like teachers to master the fundamentals of reading, writing, and mathematics in an atmosphere permeated with a deep appreciation for Scripture. Small group instruction in reading and mathematics allows students to be challenged based upon their academic potential and progress. The 6+1 Traits of Writing are implemented to ensure that RCS students can express themselves through their writing. Elementary students are engaged in the Eagle Challenge, a program to “catch ‘em doing good,” with rewards each 9-weeks.

Middle school students at RCS (grades 6 - 8) are making the transition from elementary to junior high by increasing expectations for their academic performance and personal responsibility for learning. Writing and reading skills are refined throughout the curriculum, and mathematical and scientific knowledge and techniques are stressed. The middle school Bible curriculum includes a multi-sensory overview of both the Old and New Testaments. RCS middle school students emerge with an impressive familiarity of important Biblical figures and locations which is often the envy of the adults in their lives. Middle school athletes are instructed in the fundamentals of their chosen sport, are led by knowledgeable, dedicated coaches to experience the value and camaraderie of “team,” and have attained notable success in their athletic endeavors.