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Gents- Thought I’d begin your week w/ a BIG SMILE. After the game the other night while Faith and I were in the foyer one of Austin Concordia senior players came up to me–w/ tears in her eyes–and told me "Coach, I just want you to know that, as odd as it sounds, that if we were to lose to anyone, I’d want it to be you all. You all are the most talented and Christian character team I have ever played against. You all are amazing and I hope you all win it all." Mr. Unsicker, During our break between games on Friday, the baseball team went to Subway for lunch. I arrived 20 minutes later, ( I got lost). Upon my arrival, a gentlemen came up to me and said how a few of our players went out of their way to be courteous to him and his two children. This they did on their own. I was very thankful for them.
From an RCS graduate
Mr. Unsicker and Mr. Priest,
As I look back on my first year of college, I can't help but remember all the factors that contributed to where I am at this point in my life. I wanted to let you know what part Rosehill Christian School and their faculty had in my continued education at the University of Texas at Austin. I am convinced the Lord put me at Rosehill for a specific reason, and that His will was accomplished in my eleven years at Rosehill.
First, I think you should know how my first year went from my perspective. I am very certain that my parents have told you all about my year, but I would like to give you an unbiased account. Coming from our small school, I was concerned that my academics would be impacted by the class sizes at a large university. Yes, the class size did surprise me but did not overwhelm me. I was able to find my place within a class of 380 students, focus on the material, and make the grades. I came in with 30+ hours from my dual credit classes, which very few freshmen were able to say. My first semester I accumulated a GPA of 3.79, and my second semester 3.97. As a Mechanical Engineer, a cumulative GPA of 3.88 as a freshman is rather outstanding. I do not tell you this out of pride because all of the gifts I have been given are from the Lord, but as the administration, I believed you would be encouraged by the success I achieved my first year in college. For example, this year my Statics class was very difficult; only 9% of the students (all of which are in an engineering major) received an A. I was one of those students thanks to the dedication and high value of academics Rosehill taught me. As a continuation of my studies in Mechanical Engineering, I will be working this summer as an intern for a company called Stress Engineering.
Arriving at a university with close to fifty thousand undergraduate students, I was worried that I would have trouble finding my place socially and spiritually. I arrived at college with only one friend and was looking for the environment that I could fit into when I found the Christian fraternity on campus, Beta Upsilon Chi. I pledged this fraternity the first week knowing that I needed a strong community of brothers that shared my beliefs. In my first semester, I built strong friendships with a handful of my pledge brothers based on our common bond of Jesus Christ, and in my second semester, I became a prayer leader in our fraternity. I have also been consistently attending a church called Austin Stone, a church strongly emphasizing the power of the gospel. This last semester I had the opportunity to serve in my church through their grade school children's department every Sunday morning. By placing me at a secular university, Christ has shown me the vanity of pursuing worthless pleasures, and I am grateful that He has guided me in the truth of His Word.
I could tell you about the areas that I thought needed to be improved upon, or I could describe the small parts of my high school education that may have worked better. By looking back on my past two semesters, Rosehill is doing college preparatory education right. I know there are examples of alumni that have not been prepared for the university they attended, but I invested in the system of Rosehill Christian School and have seen the results. I believe every student who truly values the education that Rosehill provides will be prepared for a higher education. I am at this point in my life because I valued the form of education that you have established. Thank you for valuing my life enough to care that I obtained an education that prepared me for any future I chose. Thank you for upholding a set of values that stressed a higher calling in life. Thank you for giving me the tools necessary to succeed.
With much encouragement,
RCS Graduate

Notes from parents
Sorry it has taken me so long to write this, I wanted to thank you and everyone else that helped in the process of getting my daughter enrolled in RCS for all your hard work, and making this happen so fast. She was not happy at first about leaving Magnolia and now just a little over a week of being at Rosehill she has come to me and thanked me for making her do this. She loves the school, teachers and students I have never seen her this happy and enthusiastic about school. I could continue on but I know you are busy. Once again my thanks goes out to the faculty and students alike for the obvious warm welcome you have given my daughter.
God Bless,
RCS Parent 2017

Hello Mr. Unsicker,
I wanted to send you a quick note letting you know how much our family loves Rosehill! This is our first year here and Emma is very special to us and we could not have enrolled her in a better place!!
Your staff ESPECIALLY Mrs. Jennifer are AWESOME! I am sure you already know this. Emma has never been excited to go to school before until this year. I am sooooooo grateful that Mrs. Jennifer is Emma's teacher. She has been so wonderful to her and I feel good about leaving her and I do not worry about her!! Mrs. Jennifer is a HUGE asset to the school!!  

Mr. Unsicker,
I would like to thank you for encouraging parents of Rosehill Christian School to place the RCS decal on their vehicle, as my decal came in very handy when driving my son to school this morning. We were driving down Cypress Rosehill when my car started to break down, so subsequently I had to pull over into a very steep ditch. While I was on my cell phone calling for assistance, my son noticed that someone had stopped behind our car. As I was preparing to tell the gentleman that I had help on the way, he proceeded to tell me that he was on his way to Rosehill Christian taking his daughter to school, and had noticed the decal on my car, so had stopped to see if he could help me out. It truly was a God send! He said that it was his daughter who had brought our car to his attention. He said that their family plays a game where they count the RCS decals that they see when they are out and about, so they are always on the alert. After visiting with him a few minutes, I asked if he would mind taking my son to school so that he wouldn’t be late. Can you believe that I would just hand my son off to someone I don’t know personally? That is how comfortable we are with this wonderful school and the people who are associated with it! This wonderful man even stopped back by on his way back from dropping the kids off at school to make sure that everything was okay. In addition to all of this, another RCS parent pulled over and stopped her car to see if I needed a ride. What an amazing morning! I would like to highly recommend to parents and grandparents of Rosehill Christian School to please put a decal on your vehicle if you don’t already have one on it. It had never occurred to me that in addition helping to advertise this wonderful school, that it might help me out of a jam. I think that most of us are traveling down these back country roads where there are not many safe places to pull over if you need to do so. I know that I would feel comfortable helping someone out who has RCS on their car. I thought that you might want to hear my story, since you are always so excited to be able to put these decals on our cars. I’m with you on this one. Have a wonderful day!

RCS has been nothing short of an awesome experience for my entire family for many years and a fantastic Godly experience for our entire family. These are just some of the blessings:
-the opportunity to meet tremendous people with servant hearts experience first hand absolute divine intervention
-witness first hand God-sent miracles -be blessed with the opportunity to watch and be a part of people from all ages to grow in God’s love and Word
-to experience the reality that Satan is alive and well
-to witness kids from kindergarten to college to marriage and see them prosper in life as adults under Godly principles
We thank the Lord for RCS.
Dean, Just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate all of the wonderful changes going on at RCS! It is wonderful to see the growth. Thought I’d send you a quick message and let you know how impressed I’ve been with Mr. Priest’s changes and guidance! Love, love, love what he has brought to the elementary school. Also, thanks so much for having a police officer to help with exit traffic. Having someone there makes afternoons so much more pleasant. Thanks for your leadership and guidance!
We wanted to take a moment to let you know what a wonderful transition we have had at Rosehill. Our daughter, Jessie started Kindergarten this year. We are new to Rosehill and thought it would take time for her to adjust to a new school. We are thrilled to report that Jessie’s transition has been seamless. She has been warmly embraced by Mrs. Dauterive and the other children in her class. We are pleased that there truly is a loving and warm Christian environment for her to grow and learn in at Rosehill. Thank you and the staff so much for all that you do! I would like to thank you and RCS for building a wonderful experience for Reya and I (and the 5th grade TEAM!). There was so much that we gained from this trip.
The time with my daughter was absolutely special and a memory making event…it made our bond even stronger…and our faith in God soar even higher (hard to imagine!). The devotion time was so special on Tuesday — as she and I closed with a prayer and shared a "happy cry" together (a girl thing!). And, being new to RCS this year and a working mom, it afforded me the valuable time to really get to know all the kids and their parents much better. Each family is such a blessing and I enjoyed the laughter, the pride we had in our children, and the hopes we have for them as they continue to grow up on us! And, Ms Newell is a jewel! She spent time with each and every child, and with each and every parent — never missing an opportunity to be a friend, a coach and teach God’s word to us in all that we did! Thanks again for Pine Cove and for a wonderful year!
I would like to thank RCS for providing the opportunity for my child to be a part of chapel. I have 3 children here and have been able to attend chapel for each of them. I can not tell you what a blessing it is to me that my children are not only learning about the principles and precepts found in God’s Word, but that they also get a chance to assist in leadership of this activity. I have been amazed at what they are learning and putting into practice in their lives. They are enriched by leading others in studying God’s Word as well as being enriched by the older kids leading the younger ones. This is a wonderful opportunity for the teachers to pour into our children the truths of God’s Word in a meaningful and creative way. Thank you again for this blessing.
Thank you so much for lending me two of your textbooks – Earth Science and Biology. Since this is my grand-daughter’s first year at RCS, I had wanted to know how closely you followed God’s Word in your science curriculum. I have a strong science background and a keen interest in creation science apologetics.I was very pleased to see that your science curriculum unashamedly affirms the bible’s teachings of God’s creation. My science education was entirely at secular schools and I wish I had had these textbooks instead. They are thorough, challenging, easy to understand and driven by a desire to comprehend God’s world around us. Thank you for setting my mind at ease about your science curriculum. My grand-daughter, by the way, loves going to school at RCS.

Mrs. G. emailed a couple of weeks ago and told me that when Mrs. Connelly stopped in for a class visit on a parent tour, she asked the class why the prospective family should come to RCS. I was told that Jake enthusiastically raised his hand and said, "Because we get to learn God’s word!" We couldn’t have rehearsed it any better! My list for choosing a private Christian school was pretty short at the beginning of the school year. (I felt in my heart it was the right place, and I knew that’s where God wanted us, but I still had reservations) That list has grown exponentially this year. Thank you to your excellent staff, the lovingness of your teachers and the dedication of every RCS team member for giving me new reasons everyday for not only choosing a private Christ centered school, but to choose THIS school!

Rosehill Christian School is simply a dream come true. My desire has always been to teach in a Christian school such as this and it’s only recently come to pass through God’s perfect timing. As parents, we couldn’t hope for a better place to plant our child and watch her grow up in the way that God has planned for her. With the dedication, love, and sacrifices that each teacher and staff member makes on a daily basis we get to see how it impacts our own daughter in her walk with the Lord. The administration has been such a blessing in my own personal life and it has spilled over into my being a better mother for my own daughter’s sake. Their kind words, encouragement and insight have impacted my whole families’ perspective and we have continued to grow as a family because of Rosehill Christian School. I’m not sure there’s ever been a school, except Rosehill Christian School, that can not only impact a student but its entire family. We’re so committed to this school as a family that our greatest hope is to move from our current home in Spring and set up home here in this community. My parents are even wishing to move with us so we can have our homes next door to each other so they too can be on hand here for their granddaughters (we have a future Rosehill Eagle student-to-be) and be a part of Rosehill Christian School. We thank God for his grace in allowing us to send our daughter to this school and can’t wait until our whole family is actively a part of Rosehill Christian in some way!
I also wanted to say what an amazing school RCS is. Our family had such a great time at the festival and homecoming game on Saturday! I have worked in schools for years and I can not tell you how much we appreciate the fabulous students and faculty at RCS! I attached my favorite pictures from Saturday. The 3rd one is Hannah helping my son Brody up the rock wall. What other school would the big kids give up their own fun to help a 2 year old? Thanks so much!

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