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by Admissions Director, Sherry Johnson

What is the class size or ratio? 
In general, average class size varies between 15 and 18.  However, the best way to answer this is to list our maximum class sizes as the ratio varies frequently depending on the number of students enrolled.  In 1st - 12th grade we began looking at our square footage per child as well as the teacher ratio.  In our smaller classrooms we lowered the maximum number of students to 16 and in the larger classrooms the maximum is 20.  On a rare occasion a college dual-credit class may exceed that number by a few.  

PK3 with one teacher will have a maximum of 10 students and PK4 will have a maximum of 12.  If PK classes have an aide they will increase that maximum by 2 students.  Bridge and Kindergarten can have a maximum of 16. 
Does Rosehill Christian School require uniforms?  
For preschool there is no uniform requirement.  In our K - 12th grades we do have a uniform requirement.  However, our uniform code is similar to a standardized dress code.  We use Lands End and Parker Uniforms and allow many choices within these companies.  You can discover the variety of choices by following the directions on our website under the Parent’s tab and then selecting “uniforms” to access these company websites.  On Fridays the dress is more casual for students and staff and there are some “free dress” or “themed dress” days earned through out the year which comply with our dress code discussed in the student handbook.

Is Rosehill Christian School affiliated with a particular church?  

No, Rosehill Christian School is an inter-denominational Christian School and our families come from many churches in our area.  We currently receive no financial support from any congregation.  We follow the Christian Statement of Faith found on our website and application.  At times our facilites may be used by a church on the weekend or weeknights.  

Do you take all students?  
Rosehill Christian School is purposeful in our mission to educate students of Christian families and prepare them for college.  Therefore at least one parent must be a believer in Jesus Christ and agree with our Statement of Faith.  Because we prepare students for college, our curriculum is rigorous.  Therefore we test students who apply to RCS to make sure they can be successful and that RCS is a good fit for them.  We also do not accept students that have been expelled or suspended.  Please refer to the “Guideliines for Acceptance” on our website under the Admission’s tab.

What is the curriculum that is used at Rosehill Christian School?  
Most of the time we are asked this question the parent is desiring to know which textbooks we use.  We have a variety of textbook publishers and they are reviewed on a regular basis to make sure they enhance our mission of preparing students for college.  All textbooks whether from Christian Publishing companies or secular are taught through a Christian worldview.  The textbooks are just one tool used by our faculty to teach within the classroom.  The teachers use a variety of hands-on, creative and technological methods to make learning enjoyable as well as impactful for our students. 

Do you have Athletics or Fine Arts at RCS?  
Every time I tour a family they are amazed and surprised by the size of our campus and what we have to offer students.  Our campus is deep, so many of our fields, training facility, and gymnasiums can not be seen from the road.  We have a wealth of athletic options, fine arts and even a 4-H program for our students.  As our campus grows in the near future those options will be housed in facilities that are more visible and purposeful for the programs offered.  

What are some ways Rosehill Christian challenge my child in the classroom or what makes you “college prep?”  

Rosehill begins preparing our students at an early age.  Our preschool exists to prepare students for the K - 12th grade campus and also to share Christ with little ones. 

Before Rosehill even takes a K - 12th grade student, we test them to make sure they have average to above-average ability and can be succesful with our curriculum and environment.  As a child journeys through elementary they will move into guided reading so they do not all read the same books.  Each child is individually assessed regularly and given books to challenge him/her.  The math textbook is the same publisher that some of the local public schools use, but we use the national version instead of the state version, which is at least 6 months ahead.  We also teach handwriting, spelling and writing techniques that are consistent all the way through high school.  This consistency and reinforcement from K - 12th grade makes for solid learning and skills that become second-hand for our students as they move to college.  Students also are taught in multi-sensory approaches, given projects and take field trips to enhance their studies and classroom experiences.  

As a student progresses into the upper grades they can take advanced or honors courses and then, dual-credit or AP courses. For a school our size, Rosehill Christian has an unusual amount of dual credit offerings taught on our campus so that a student can go into college as a sophomore, with up to 38 credit hours.    Our success with the dual-credit program has been recognized by Lone Star College - Tomball with increased flexibility and decision making ability given to principals/administrators.  We also prepare and expose our students to the latest technology so that they are familiar with turning in assignments online, presenting their ideas, and communicating with professors when they get to college.  Rosehill regularly surveys recent graduates to see how we can improve in preparing students for the next step of their journey. 

Do you have hot lunches?  
Yes, we offer a variety of healthy, hot meals cooked on location in a commercial kitchen.  We also equip our lunch room with microwaves for students in 4th grade and beyond to extend the options for lunch.  Preschool students bring their lunches from home and may have the opportunity to purchase a hot lunch brought in on Fridays.  

How can I be involved in my child’s school?  
Rosehill Christian depends on and encourages parent involvement. In our elementary we have a PALS program that allows parents to volunteer regularly. We also have a PTO, Dads in Prayer, Rosehill Christian Athletics Association to name a few ways to plug into our school. Rosehill often has grandparents as well as parents that come on campus for lunch and/or chapel.  Rosehill is here to partner with the Christian family and we encourage your attendance, time, and financial resources as a blessing to our school. 

Do you have Bible and/or Chapel?  
Yes, we have both.  Rosehill is very committed to the spiritual growth of our students.  We have Bible class daily and reinforce God’s word through every subject taught.  We offer students chapel once a week for their growth in God’s word and the opportunity to praise and worship our Savior.  There are service opportunities to learn how to give back to our community or help those less fortunate.  The high school takes an annual trip together at the beginning of the year specifically for spiritual emphasis and growth.  We call this trip “Pinnacle” and it is always amazing to hear our students speak of this experience and the memories created there.   Pinnacle also helps reinforce leadership skills among our seniors as they prepare to complete their journey at RCS.    We believe that spiritual growth is one of the most important parts of the journey at Rosehill and not only prepares them for college, but life beyond.  

What is the Annual Fund?
The Annual Fund campaign commences yearly on June 1 and ends on May 30 of the following year. Tuition at Rosehill does not cover all of the costs associated with educating your students. Therefore, the school must raise funds each year to maintain the high standards it places on education while remaining affordable to current and prospective students. Annual Fund gifts are used to fund this operating gap as well as other areas of greatest need on campus. Gifts to the Annual Fund are considered “unrestricted gifts,” which can be used wherever the need is the greatest. Restricted gifts, on the other hand, must be directed to the area designated by the donor, even if that is not the highest need of the school. Unrestricted gifts allow the school more flexibility in directing funds to areas where they will have the greatest impact.

Please Note: When family participation in the Annual Fund is high (90% or better), RCS is more readily able to obtain financial gifts through various businesses and/or philanthropies. These institutions expect very high parental and faculty support before grants will be awarded. The FACT that your family participates in the Annual Fund is more important to these institutions than the amount that your family gives. Therefore, any amount that you may be able to contribute is very helpful to our cause and is deeply appreciated.

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