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Dr. Chris Alexander, Chairman

Dr. Alexander graduated from Texas A&M University with B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees in Mechanical Engineering. He is President of ADV Integrity, Inc., an engineering / business strategy consulting firm, and Co-Founder of IDT EXPO, a platform for technology companies in the energy industry. He and his wife, Tanya, have three children; Ashley, Anna, and Aaron who attend / have attended RCS. The Alexander family attends Magnolia Bible Church. Dr. Alexander started service on the board at RCS in 2012.

Mr. Don Edwards, Vice Chairman
Mr. Don Edwards is a graduate of University of Houston and Managing Partner for Hackle Holdings, LLC. Mr. Edwards has been married to his wife Kitty for over 30 years and is father to six children, all of which attended RCS. He has served in various ministries areas including head of deacon board, Young Life committee member, Family Legacy Missions International, and as a foster parent. Don and his family attend Houston First Baptist, Cypress campus. Don joined the RCS board in 2013.

Mrs. Jan Rikard, Secretary

Mrs. Jan Rikard has been apart of the Rosehill family for many years. Jan and her husband Jon have two sons, Joshua and Jordan who attended Rosehill K-12 and graduated in 2008 and 2012! Jan has worked at RCS as a receptionist, admissions director and an administrative assistant. Jan has served on the board since 2008.  The Rikards attend Champion Forest Baptist Church!

Mrs. Christi Burnett

Mrs. Burnett graduated from Midwestern State University. She has a Master’s degree in pastoral counseling. She and her husband, Jason have a daughter, Rileigh who attends RCS. The Burnetts are members of Houston's First Baptist-Cypress.

Beth Gould
Mrs. Beth Gould
Mrs. Beth Gould is a graduate from Cedarville University and is a pediatric nurse currently working at The University of Texas in Houston. She and her husband, Tim, have three children who keep them entertained! Lily, Dan and Isaiah have attended RCS since 2015. The Gould’s attend Houston First Church of God.

Mr. Christian Miller

Mr. Miller is a pastor at The MET Church in Houston.  Before ministry, he worked for a technology consulting company called Accenture for 15 years.  He and his wife, Tracy, have three daughters; Paige, Addison (currently at RCS), and Eden (currently at RCS).  He has been on the board since 2019.

Mr. Brian Smelek
Brian Smelek is a graduate of Rosehill Christian School from the class of 2005. He went on from there to receive a double major in entrepreneurship and marketing from the University of Houston. He is currently the Missions and Student Minister at The Church at Cross Lake where he has been on staff since August of 2011. He was married to his wife Lisa in January of 2014 and the two of them now live in Tomball.
Mr. John Lynch, Advisor

Mr John Lynch, a certified public accountant and CFO for Birdwell Construction, graduated from Texas A&M with a BBA in finance and an MBA in accounting. Mr. Lynch has been on the board since 2010. He and his wife Jackie attend Faith Bridge UMC. They are proud parents of two children. Ashley, and Taylor. Both graduated from Oklahoma Christian School.

Board Model
The RCS Board of Directors operates under a Policy Governance® model designed by Dr. John Carver (See 
http://www.carvergovernance.com/model.htm for more information).

This model defines the leadership of an organization into two distinct groups:
  • The Board of Directors, who collectively defines the values of the organization, provides strategic leadership, articulates the vision of the organization, and ensures the organization is reaching the desired end results as specified through Board Policy.
  • The Head of School, who provides the day-to-day operational and managerial leadership of the organization. This individual is the only direct report to the Board of Directors.

Role of the Board and Its Members
The Board of Directors encompasses a group of individuals who act as one voice for the purpose of guiding the organization for which they hold trusteeship. The Board’s purpose is to determine the desired ends and move the organization toward the accomplishment of its ends while establishing appropriate boundaries for accountability. In addition to setting vision and direction, the Board is responsible for the fiscal well being of the organization. The benefit of this type of governance is more time spent on the future growth of the organization and greater likelihood that the desired results will be reached for the glory of God.

According to Board policy, Board members do not act as Board Representatives outside of Board meetings unless otherwise directed by the Board President.

Responsibilities of Board Members
General Responsibilities:
  • Attend all Board meetings
  • Hire and annually evaluate the Head of School.
  • Set organizational policy and articulate desired end results to be obtained.
  • Monitor the Head of School’s compliance with Board Policy.
  • Maintain the school’s By-laws.

Fiduciary Responsibilities:

  • If possible, make a generous personal donation to the school annually.
  • Actively participate in special events sponsored by the school.
  • Actively participate in fundraising for the school.

Public Relations Responsibilities:

  • Serve as a liaison to other schools-independent, public and Christian.
  • Support the programs and services of the school and speak in their behalf.

Spiritual Responsibilities:

  • Pray daily for the Head of School, faculty, staff, students and other members of the School Board.
  • Be active and highly visible in the services and organizational life of the church where they are members.
  • Be a strong supporter of the church, the Pastor, its staff and the various programs of the church where they are members.
  • Be a strong financial supporter of the church with personal resources.

When does the Board meet?
Generally, the third Friday of each month (except for the month of July) at 7:30 a.m.
Where does the Board meet?
Uretek U.S.A. in Tomball has graciously allowed the Board to meet in their boardroom, as the RCS school campus does not have adequate space available for the Board to meet on campus.
Can non-board members attend board meetings?
Currently board meetings are open to Board members only in order to protect confidentiality.
How can I know what goes on in the Board meetings?
A copy of the RCS Board Policy, RCS By-Laws, and each month’s Board Minutes is kept in the Head of School’s administrative office.
How can I contact the Board?
You may contact the Board in writing via letter or by sending an email through the Head of School’s Administrative Assistant, Donna Cox at 281-351-8114 ext 4451. She will forward your letter to the Board President.

    December 2, 2013

    Dear Parents, Alumni, and Friends of RCS 

    God has called the Board of Rosehill Christian School to be stewards of this ministry and protect the school through policies ensuring fiduciary responsibility and inspiring the organization to achieve God’s purpose and goals for the school. We, as a Board, desired to hear your views and opinions to help us gauge and interpret the school’s strengths and opportunities for improvement. Our 2013 survey was sent to parents, staff, alumni, and friends of the school. From these responses, we have drawn several conclusions:

    1. Overall, the school is achieving the desired academic and spiritual goals (called “ends”) as 73% rated the school’s attainment of our “ends” favorable, with average scores of 4 to 5 across all categories. In addition, the highest scores were for the questions “Rosehill meets the spiritual needs of my student” and “Rosehill meets the academic needs of my student” along with “Students are proficient at grade level in reading, writing, mathematics and basic sciences.”

    2. The lowest scores were for students modeling Christ-like behavior and spiritually influencing their homes and communities. While some parents commented that these are hard ends to measure, clearly a continued focus on Christ and his commands about how to treat one another need to remain a focus of the school.

    3. High school parents also rated items slightly lower than elementary and middle school parents, indicating that the school will need to look closely at our ends and how they relate to the High School program. One score particularly low was that “student’s spiritually influence their homes and communities.” The administration of Rosehill Christian School and the Board will re-examine this end, and the processes that support it and determine an appropriate response with the intent of improving performance toward this objective. In addition, the Board and the administration will review all of the “ends” this year to continue to define additional success measures in line with the intent of each “end”.

    4. There were some individual concerns and issues raised as anticipated. And while there were not trends in the comments across the individual responses, the administration has been given a list of these concerns and will determine an action plan related to each and report back to the Board about their actions.

    Some additional highlights include:
    • The top priorities for the school were providing : excellent academics, a Christ centered education, and instruction on how to model a Christian worldview.
    • There were 112 individual responses from just over 500 surveyed
    • 16% of our parents responded, above the typical national average of telephone survey responses of 9%
    • Friends of RCS gave their highest score to the question “Rosehill meets the spiritual needs of our students”
    • The alumni gave their highest scores to “Graduates have a good working knowledge of the Bible” and “Students can listen actively, think critically and solve problems logically.”

    For additional information, please examine the associated presentation of data at your leisure and let us know if you have any further questions. We look forward to ensuring our focus remains on excellent Christ centered education as we seek to live in the light of our wonderful Savior, Jesus Christ in the coming year. Thank you for your responses and your continued prayers.

    John Lynch
    RCS Board President



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